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How to Clean AirPods in Seconds


The wireless earbuds from Apple, the AirPods, are great little earbuds, but they can get dirty and collect debris over time if you don’t clean them regularly. Luckily, cleaning your AirPods is really easy and takes only seconds if you know what to do. Here’s how to clean your AirPods in a flash!

What is the best way to clean AirPods?

Most of us keep our AirPods or other earbuds tucked away for a majority of their life, which can make keeping them clean a challenge. So how do you ensure your ears are getting squeaky clean and that no hair, dust, lint or germs build up? All it takes is one wet cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. For added germ killing power, add a few drops of tea tree oil to your cotton swab (or rub it on with your finger). This might seem like a no-brainer tip—but we recently learned that tons of people don’t know you should never share earbuds with someone else! In fact, Apple says they’re so dirty they shouldn’t be shared at all. The reason: each person’s body chemistry changes over time, meaning those little nooks and crannies get coated with bacteria from sweat and skin cells from every owner before you. Gross! Don’t let sharing your headphones become a bad habit. To truly avoid spreading germs, be sure to regularly clean your buds too. We recommend doing so after every use by wiping down both sides of each bud with an alcohol wipe or by running them under warm water for about 10 seconds before wiping dry again with a paper towel (this gets rid of any dirt trapped inside). Never submerge them in water as they aren’t waterproof and could break if dropped into liquid while immersed.

Where can you clean your airpods?

The most obvious answer here is that you can clean your AirPods using alcohol and water or using a specialized cleaning agent made just for cleaning earbuds, headphones and other electronic devices. A microfiber cloth will also work nicely. The method used depends largely on what kind of materials your AirPods are made out of and whether you have custom (non-Apple) cases. Plastic AirPods are easy to clean while hard shell models may be more difficult. Leather cases often don’t require much cleaning at all due to their tight fit around each bud. Ultimately, it comes down to what type of case or cover you have for your headphones. If you use Apple’s stock leather case, then simply wipe them off with a damp cloth. If you want to get more thorough with your cleaning process, consider adding a few drops of rubbing alcohol into a small container filled with lukewarm water. Let them soak for five minutes before removing them from the solution and drying them off with a soft microfiber cloth. If they still feel dirty after rinsing off in cool tap water and drying thoroughly, then repeat until they feel completely dry to touch.

Do apple earbuds ever need cleaning?

Apple airpods are undoubtedly one of apple’s best creations yet. However, some people do find them a bit bulky for their ears and uncomfortable. Some of you might say that cleaning earbuds is an unnecessary chore but did you know that cleaning your Apple Airpods can actually extend their lifespan? While your Apple earbuds may not need cleaning at all times, there are certain instances when it’s necessary to give them a good scrub. For example, if they start producing subpar sound quality or stop connecting to devices as they should, then it’s time for a little maintenance. The following steps will show you how to clean your Apple Airpods easily and quickly. Just remember that these instructions are for cleaning AIRPODS only; don’t try these steps on any other kind of headphones! If you have any questions about how to clean apple earbuds, feel free to contact us using our contact form.

What are some tips on how to clean airpods fast?

While you might not spend all day cleaning your AirPods, you probably do want them looking as good as new whenever you pull them out of your pocket. Your first step is to make sure they are clean and dry before putting them away or storing them. If they aren’t clean, or if they have been exposed to water (they are resistant but not waterproof), then that can lead to mildew and other issues. If there is any visible moisture or dust on them, wipe it off with a soft cloth that doesn’t leave lint behind. For those occasions when you do want a deeper clean, here are some simple steps for how to clean airpods fast 1) Blow out excess dirt and debris from each pod using a toothpick. You don’t need to use much force—the dirt should fall right out without any problem 2) Mix warm water with soap 3) Dip each pod into your mixture 4) Scrub gently using an old toothbrush 5) Rinse thoroughly 6) Dry upside down 7) Store them in their case 8 ) Repeat regularly. It only takes about five minutes every week or two, so it’s well worth doing to keep them looking great! Note: There is no need to buy special cleaner products—water works just fine! Also note: It’s possible to use hydrogen peroxide instead of soap—just be careful not to get too much liquid inside each speaker.

Is it safe to use alcohol as a cleaner for airpods?

Do not use alcohol on your airpods! Alcohol will dissolve any protective coating that Apple may have applied. This will leave your headphones exposed and vulnerable to damage. It is true that you should never submerge your wireless earbuds into water, but spraying them with a quick soap and water solution is just fine. All you need are two clean towels and an old toothbrush. If you want, you can also add some isopropyl alcohol as well. After cleaning all of those materials with 90% alcohol, let them dry off before using again. Just be sure not to set them down somewhere they can get damaged while they’re drying off; lay them out on a flat surface instead. The entire process should take about five minutes. As for how often you should clean your AirPods, it depends on how often you use them. If you go through one charge every day or two days, then once every couple weeks would suffice. However, if you only go through one charge every week or so, then once a month would be ideal. Remember: You don’t want to overdo it because too much moisture can cause mold growth inside of your buds!

Are water and soap good enough for cleaning your airpods?

This is a great solution for cleaning all kinds of things, and you can use it on pretty much any surface. However, Apple does not recommend that you do anything other than wipe down your AirPods with a clean cloth. So if you don’t have a bunch of vinegar lying around, just grab some Windex instead! The chemical properties are very similar—the only difference is that vinegar will smell like salad dressing after it dries. If you’re super worried about bacteria or mold growing inside your earbuds, Apple recommends giving them a thorough rinse after every use and storing them in their case with enough room so they can dry properly. Wiping them down every once in awhile isn’t going to hurt anything! It’s probably better than leaving grossness to build up over time. And if you do happen to notice a weird odor, Apple suggests letting them air out before putting them back in your ears. That said, let’s get into how you actually go about doing it…

You’ll need: A cotton swab or ear bud (not included), rubbing alcohol (or white vinegar), warm water, and an empty bowl. 

Take apart both ear pods by gently pulling apart each part where they connect until they separate completely; then place one pod into each side of the bowl filled with warm water. Let sit for 10 minutes as most instructions say; however I found that 10 minutes was too long as my pods came out quite wet.

What about vinegar?

Vinegar is one of my favorite, natural cleaners. It helps neutralize odors and can be used to clean just about any surface, so it’s no surprise that Apple suggests using vinegar to help keep your AirPods clean (you can also use it to clean pretty much anything else, too). Just use a microfiber cloth or a cotton swab dipped in vinegar and wipe away dirt and grime. You’ll want to make sure that your device is dry before you plug it back into your ears. And if you have a case for your earbuds, make sure you remove them before placing them inside. They are not waterproof, after all! If you’re looking for something more effective than vinegar, try rubbing alcohol instead. Alcohol-based solutions are great at cutting through grease and oil stains, which makes them perfect for cleaning up around those little holes on your AirPods. Also, they evaporate quickly—which means they won’t leave behind residue like vinegar will—so you don’t have to worry about damaging your expensive headphones with a simple cleaning solution. All you need is some 91% rubbing alcohol, water, and a towel or soft rag. To start off, mix together two parts water to one part rubbing alcohol. Make sure that everything gets wet but don’t soak it completely; remember that these devices need to stay fully functional! Next, wipe down your AirPods with either a microfiber cloth or an old t-shirt; I recommend doing small sections at a time rather than going over everything all at once because things might get foggy while you wait for things to dry. Finally, when everything has dried off properly—this shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes—give them another once over with your microfiber cloth and store them away until next time. That’s really all there is to it!

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